About Haven

About Us

Haven is a social media platform that was created in Ontario, Canada in 2017 by its parent company, Gender Revolutions. Gender Revolutions was created by Jodi Asphall, a self identifying Trans man, and Cheyanne Drysdale, his best friend who is a social activist and ally within the LGBTQ+ community.

At Gender Revolutions, it is our core belief that everyone, regardless of their gender identity, age, race, sexual orientation, etc., should have access to basic human necessities. 

Haven is a web-based social media platform and app for members of the Transgender community. It will help aid folks in accessing localized resources such as medical and/or healthcare necessities, employment opportunities, community and more! 

The initiative behind creating Haven was inspired by the hardships that Jodi faced while transitioning. One of the most difficult steps within his transition was where to begin, and what resources he had access to. 

It was through connecting with trans-youth while co-facilitating the Gender Journeys program (created by Rainbow Health Ontario) in Durham Region, Ontario and being an active member of the queer community, that Jodi realized how prevalent of an issue this really was. He was not the only individual having an unnecessarily difficult time trying to establish a reliable yet trustworthy all-encompassing network for transgender and non binary folks. This revelation only further solidified his decision that something needed to be done. 

Alas, Haven was born!

Haven exists to break down the barriers of transitioning and or finding support for gender variant folks, by not only providing a social network of individuals who are facing similar barriers, but as well as an easily accessible database of resources that can be essential and life changing in one’s gender journey. Our commitment to our users is that all companies advertised through Haven, whether it be for employment, entertainment, health care, etc., are truly in fact Transgender friendly and inclusive.

We are always looking to recruit individuals of the transgender and non binary community to help us along our journey – if our mission sounds like something you are passionate about and can get behind, message us today and find out how you can help us to break down gender barriers and revolt the binary!


Team Haven


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